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Co. Antrim

Northern Ireland

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The Agent’s House at the upper end of Altmore Street just before the forest gates, was the residence of the Earl of  Antrim’s agent  and the long offices adjoining the house served as the Antrim  Estate Office.   Residents in the village, many of whom had employment in the Castle, the gardens or the farm remember  a queue of people on a Saturday morning  stretching from the office down Altmore Street,   waiting to receive their pay. The Agent’s House and Offices have been very well maintained to retain original glass and large slates as well as architectural features which defined the Georgian era. Fine tall chimney stacks and terracotta pots with corbelled and moulded detail particularly eye catching.














No 29 the part of the building that was latterly used as the Antrim Estate Office was the first to be built and is the oldest recorded building still standing in the village, a date stone to the rear of the building reads “This-Hows-builded-by-Abraham-Powes-1739” It is believed that Abraham Powes was granted a piece of land and had to construct a dwelling within a given timespan and at a later date, as he became more affluent he built the larger dwelling No 27, there is date plaque in the attic reading that the room was decorated in 1795. The front porch of this house was built in the 1830’s at the time of great regeneration of the village, when Altmore Street was widened, the Gate at the top of the street was built and the Barbican Gate in Castle Street was constructed. The bank at the front of the property is in fact the foundations of the front walls of the original houses on the opposite side of the street, and gives a feel of how narrow Altmore Street once was.















The doorways both on the office and residence at Number 27 also reflect period architecture. The office building has a cluster- columnar door-case, and the guilt –on - glass lettering in a clear rectangular fanlight above the door  bears the name Antrim Estate Office.  The house at No 27 has a much more elaborate fanlight above the door and two rectangular patterned side lights. The semicircular open fan design on the arched doorway very precisely explains the origin of the term ‘fanlight’ except that the aesthetic shape has been further enhanced in this case so it becomes almost ‘webbed’ in design. Such decorative fanlights were iconic of Georgian architecture and formed the focal point and showpiece of the house frontage.


The Agents House









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