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Co. Antrim

Northern Ireland

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The Architecture of Glenarm has been influenced by it’s close trading links with Scotland through it’s harbour dating  back to 12th century and the fact that a Castle stood on the  intersection of the old road  that ran from Glenarm to the Norman Castle at  Carrickfergus  in early 13th century.


The Vennel

That ‘steep slope (of that old road )  with the houses climbing up it’ has the unique name The Vennel, and is now one of the quaintest and most picturesque streetscapes in the village.












The upper end of The Vennel is equally impressive with Albert Square lantern, old water pump and high basalt  free standing wall.  












Glenarm Baptist Church

Glenarm Baptist Church stands at the junction of The Vennel, Castle Street,  Toberwine and Altmore Street, the original village centre. The stately building   has a very old thick wall and stands on the site of original castle. A Court leet for 1757 indicates it’s use as a Courthouse with the Market underneath. It is distinguished by an Italian style tower and weather fish.  

(Pic courtersy  Regeneration Strategy )




















Altmore Street

Altmore Street  a broad street taking it’s name from the river flowing underneath, runs from that  intersection towards the Glen and forest  and it’s well preserved houses reflect the influence of the Castle as in the signature Agent’s House 1837,  and they retain architectural features on doorways, windows, fanlights and chimney pots unique to Glenarm.


Glenarm Architecture

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