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John ‘Jock ’ Thomson 1866 -1947


John Thomson  was  a Scottish Engineer who came to Glenarm from Lanarkshire and managed the Eglinton Limestone Company during the later 19th and early 20th Century .


John or ‘Jock ’  as he was known, lived in the large house  on the left hand side  at the  upper end of Altmore Street,  just before the forest.  


Glenarm residents have childhood memories of Jock Thompson who walked down the middle of the road each day on his way to the Eglinton Offices. He always wore a flat cap and mostly a long Mackintosh.

Daily he would have said ‘Good morning Laddie are you going to school today ?’  and school was then in Castle Street.


His encouragement to all children to go to school and get a good education  was evidence of his great interest in Education .

As a County councillor he was nominated to the Larne Regional Education Committee which was set up in 1925 when Regional Committees were formed in most towns to set up schools as directed by Government.

He was appointed Chairman, a position he held until his death in 1947 and is credited with developing a very effective system of education in East Antrim, based on the Scottish model.


He never married but he employed a local lady as housekeeper and some residents still remember going along to his house on Saturday mornings to collect the grocery list and returning with the groceries. A very efficient    Glenarm delivery service.


A very distinctive grey stone Obelisk memorial in Glenarm ‘new cemetery’  (opened in 1882 ) marks the burial place of John Thomson.

The memorial is in the name of Andrew Crawford Logan who was born in Glasgow and did in Glenarm 1922.  He was married to John Thomson’s sister who is also buried there, though she lived until December 1960.


On one side of the Obelisk there is the simple inscription


Died at Glenarm


 5 July 1947


John Thomson


Aged 81 years.



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