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13 New Road



Co. Antrim

Northern Ireland

BT44 0AA

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to thank those farsighted Glenarm residents of years ago who have given us the handsome trees that we enjoy today.


The Sycamore stand at the harbour known as the whistling trees.

The common Ash and weeping Ash inside the entrance to the forest.                      

The Lime and Horse Chestnut trees behind the battlement walls at the river.

The Irish Yews in the churchyards.

The Beech trees in the playing fields.

The Monterey Cypress and the Scots Pine in the new cemetery


It is not easy for trees to withstand the wind and salt of the seaside but Sycamore and Monterey Cypress manage these conditions better than most. The other mentioned trees have had the protection of stone walls to aid their establishment.


All these trees support a wide range of insects, such as bees and moths, and a large variety of birds such as jackdaws and starlings.





Majestic Trees of Glenarm